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Research Statement

What am I excited about working on in the future?

In short: Generalized symmetries in topological field theories. 

In long: I previous project of mine (arxiv:2209.13524) studied generalized symmetries in the simplified framework of topological field theories. Although this project was fairly comprehensive there are more things to be worked out. I am also excited to do projects on the more physics side of generalised symmetries. 

What have I worked in the past?

In short: A mixture of phenomenology projects and more formal projects.

In long: A lot of my previous work has considered gauge extensions of the standard model in various different forms. I have also done the odd model-building project, although in these collaborations I tend to work on the more mathematical side of them.  Towards the more formal side I have worked on a categorical approach to inverse Higgs constraints, and solutions to certain problems in quantum mechanics. 

Who am I looking to work with?

Physicists or mathematicians with interest in: higher category theory, the theory of stacks, generalized symmetries, TQFTs. Contact me.


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