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Dyslexia in High Energy Physics

For those of you who do not know me, I am severely dyslexic.

How dyslexia effects me



I have limited comprehension ability, and slow reading speed. Reading papers is not something I can do.



I misspell words, leave words out, and don't include the correct punctuation.

Vector art of a microphone


I find it extremely difficult to pronounce new words, including names - in talks I usually avoid them. 

Specific issues in HEP

Screen Readers don't read papers with maths 'naturally'

Dictation software doesn't work with maths and doesn't pick up non-technical words

Little variation in how information in papers is disseminated

Changes in HEP which I think would help / things you could do to help

Video abstracts

Video abstracts are used in some life-science areas. They overcome help overcome comprehension difficulties and other reading issues involved with dyslexia.  

`Russian' style seminars

These allow a more explorative learning environment, and relies on less on gathering information from slides.

Audio papers

This is may be a tall-ask - but human recordings of papers. But you've probably heard of audio books, why not audio papers? This will help overcome the difficulty involved with screen readers on HEP papers.

Summary tables

By placing summary tables in your paper, it helps highlight key bits of information. This helps prevent information been lost due to poor comprehension.  

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